COVID-19 Testing Kits

SARS-CoV-2 IgM/IgG Antibody Test kit.


This Covid-19 testing kit adopts the principle of immunochromatographic technology and uses capture method to detect specific IgM antibodies and IgG antibodies against new coronavirus in human specimens (serum, plasma, whole blood).


Sample type: serum, plasma and whole blood

Sample volume: serum/ plasma: 5 μL; whole blood: 10 μL

Package: 25 T/ kit; 50 T/ kit

Easy operation, 10 min to result

Open the aluminum foil bag, take out the test card and label the specimen and patient information.

Add 5μLof serum/plasma or 10 μLwhole blood specimen vertically to the sample well of the test card

Add approximately 80μL (about 2-3 drops) of sample dilution
buffer to the sample well of the test card.

Reading the results.

Intuitive results

Invalid: When the quality control line (C) is not visible, the test is invalid. It is recommended to repeat the test with a new test card in this case. Pay special attention to whether the amount of sample is sufficient

Positive: When the quality control line (C) is visible and any one of the detection lines is visible.

Negative: Only the quality control line (C) is visible.


(specific primers and probes against the conserved region of ORF 1ab and N gene.)

SARS CoV-2 (PCR Test) IFU TORAX Document


CE SARS-CoV-2 PCR Reagent Certificate


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Available to recognised hospitals and government agencies for assessment.