Febrile Antigens

Torax Biosciences offers a range of stand febrile antigens, stained bacterial suspension reagents for slide and tube assays. Reagents for the testing of Salmonella,

Rickettsiae and Brucella infections, manufactured by Torax can be used in slide or tube agglutination assays and can be used to identify and quantify antibodies in these infections. Bacterial suspensions used in the manufacture of these assays are highly standardised to provide uniform staining and thus high batch to batch consistency.

The antigens are suspensions of killed bacteria, stained to enhance the reading of agglutination tests. The blue stained antigens are specific to the somatic “O” antigens and the red stained antigens are specific to the flagellar “H” antigens.

Brucella is a genus of Gram-negative bacteria, which are small, nonencapsulated, nonmotile, facultatively intracellular coccobacilli. It is a zoonotic disease of domestic and wild ungulates. Brucella is the cause of brucellosis, which is a zoonosis transmitted by ingesting contaminated food, direct contact with an infected animal, or inhalation of aerosols. Human brucellosis is usually not transmitted from human to human; people become infected by contact with fluids from infected animals or derived food products, such as unpasteurized milk and cheese.

At Torax we offer several Febrile Antigen Kits with bulk reagents available for a number of products.

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