Latex Serology

Torax Biosciences provides a comprehensive range of latex slide agglutination assays for the detection of ASO, CRP and RF. Kits for IM and Toxoplasmosis are available upon request.

Latex agglutination assays from Torax show high sensitivity, high resistance to prozone and have been correlated to industry standards. Reagents and controls are available in bulk and standard formats.

ASO Visual Latex Testing Serology

ASO Latex Kit is a serologic test for the detection of ASO antibodies. All the reagents are supplied at optimal dilution for use by all recommended techniques in the pack insert.

The kits are designed to provide 50 and 100 tests. The bulk reagent is available in 1 litre quantities, however if your requirement is for a different quantity please inquire as to its availability.

ASO Latex Test (Non Sample Dilution)

Actively growing strains of Group A hemolytic streptococci, together with most strains of Groups C and G, produce Streptolysin-O, an antigenic toxin. Patients with these streptococcal infections form specific antibodies, detection of which aids the diagnosis of recent infection. Together with serological tests, The Plasmatec ASO Latex provides a complete test profile and aids current and prompt diagnosis.

The ASO Latex test works by agglutination of latex particles coated with purified Streptolysin-O by ASO. The test is standardized against the World Health Organisation International Standard to have a sensitivity of 200 IU/ml and produces a result in just 2 minutes. This type of test can also be the only way of diagnosing the sequelae of streptococcal infections such as rheumatic or scarlet fever and glomerulonephritis.

The ASO latex test kit is provided with ASO test latex, positive and negative controls, pipette stirrers and an agglutination slide.

CRP Visual Latex Serology

CRP is one of the non-specific acute phase proteins that are produced in the liver as a response to tissue damage, infection and inflammation.

This test can detect CRP in a patient’s sample causing agglutination when mixed with positive sera.

CRP Latex Test (Non Sample Dilution)

C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels have been shown to be consistently elevated in a wide variety of infections, inflammatory conditions and other disease states where there is tissue destruction. CRP is also an early indicator of inflammation, with serum levels rising before specific antibody titres or erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and subsidizing faster than does the ESR. The Plasmatec 

CRP Latex Test is a rapid latex slide test for the detection of CRP in human serum. The latex reagent will agglutinate in the presence of clinically significant levels of CRP in the serum sample, whilst with normal levels, the latex remains in smooth suspension. The test has been formulated to minimize the possibility of misleading results from “prozone” effects and to virtually eliminate cross reactivity with Rheumatoid Factor. CRP Latex is positive with levels of CRP between 6 and 1000mg/l.

The CRP latex test kit is provided with CRP test latex, positive and negative controls, pipette stirrers and an agglutination slide.

RF Visual Latex Serology

RF is a rapid latex agglutination test kit for the detection of Rheumatoid Factor (RF) in human serum.RF is found in sera of patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and is believed to be IgM antibodies directed against the patients own immunoglobulin G. For professional use only.

RF Latex Serology Kit

This is intended for the qualitative and semi-quantitative measurement of RF in human serum.

Rheumatoid factors (RF) are antibodies directed against antigenic sites in the Fc fragment of human and animal IgG. Their frequent occurrence in rheumatoid arthritis makes them useful for diagnosis and monitoring of the disease. 1,2

One method used for rheumatoid factor detection is based on the ability of rheumatoid arthritis sera to agglutinate sensitized sheep red cells, as observed by Waaler3 and Rose. 

A more sensitive reagent consisting of biologically inert latex beads coated with human gamma globulin was later described by Singer and Plotz.

The RF kit is based on the principle of latex agglutination assay by Singer and Plotz. The major advantage of this method is rapid performance (3 minute reaction time) and lack of heterophile antibody interference.

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